Hey Neergs--

If you don't know who Bill McKibben is, listen up!  He is the founder of 350.org and the Global Work Party coming up this Sunday, promoted as 10/10/10. The reason we applaud Bill McKibben is that he walks the walk! Last month Bill and some of his students traveled to visit President Obama in Washington D.C. to ask him to reinstall solar panels on the White House roof. The last solar panels had been installed during President Jimmy Carter's administration and were taken down by President Reagan's administration--about 20 years ago! You'd like to think we've made more progress in the last 20 years. Pitiful, right?  We can do better! Well, that's what Bill McKibben was thinking. Bringing that old solar panel to the White House was pretty symbolic. Bill and 350.org put President Obama in a pretty uncomfortable position after he declined Bill's solar panel. So uncomfortable in fact, that he changed his mind. How about that!!!

Now, I'm thinking President Obama dreaded any additional bad press coverage, knowing the largest climate action event in hisitory (Global Work Party 10/10/10) was just days away! Bill McKibben, his students and 350.org did a great job keeping the pressure on the administration. They simply rallied their supporters and sent the word out through social networking. The mainstream press just had to cover it. This was becoming big news. 350.org succeeded in embarrassing President Obama's administration into doing the right thing.  And again, while the solar panels are just a symbolic gesture, it will keep the Obama White House under the microscope. Everyone will be watching to make sure they move forward on meaningful climate legislation. 

So help 350.org keep the pressure on!  I am so excited about the Global Work Party this Sunday. Please visit our Take Action page anytime through next Monday to sign our Green Kids Rock petition supporting meaningful climate legislation. We need you to walk the walk-just like Bill McKibben. Check out these other cool ideas for 10/10/10!