Happy Monday Neergs--

Know the cliche, down, but not out?  That's a great way to sum up the war on throw-away plastic bags! The American Chemistry Council, the ACC, defeated California's state-wide plastic bag ban by throwing lots a money into a advertising campaign--a campaign that many environmentalists called misleading. While this was disappointing, I was thrilled to read in the Huffington Post that Brownville, Texas will start charging $1--that's right a whole dollar--for each plastic bag a customer needs when they forget!  Yikes! The policy will go into affect January 5th with all the proceeds going to city-wide environmental clean-up projects.  Isn't that great? And last week, American Samoa, a U.S. territory, passed a law to ban plastic bags starting in February, 2011. Washington D.C. already has a 5 cents tax on bags.  Look out ACC, the public has spoken and most support a ban on single use recyclable bags. We'll get there even if it's one city and town at a time.  Check out this oldie but goodie video on the life of a plastic bag!