Hey Neergs-

Rich Matthews is a really brave journalist.  He is also a diver.  He actually dove into the Gulf to prove his point by taking video from beneathe the surface.  Check out his video on our Video of the Day page.  It will shock you. Rich Matthews wants to get the word out, so send this link to as many friends as you can--Journalist Gulf Diver. You can see from the video that his visibility is nearly zero.  No sun is breaking through the surface and there is no sign of life for 30 feet.  The spill gets worse each day with more innocent wildllife dying.  Rich Matthews could could barely clean himself off. He makes the point that the animals cannot.  Once they come in contact with the sticky goop, they are lost. 

Neergs--we are trying to build a movement and need your help!  The first step is awareness.  We need kids like you to get involved and participate on our forum.  We'd like to see an active dialogue about what's happening in the Gulf and other places where our environment is being destroyed. Please send your your ideas, emails and videos.  There are lots of ways to participate here.  And there will be more cool things to do here soon!

Talk to me Neergs!  Peace Out-Ethan