Hey Neergs--

Yesterday we learned how big industry won the "freedom of speech" right to spend crazy money on ad campaigns to sway public opinion and "buy" the votes of elected officials. We also learned that an informed and well organized advocacy effort can overcome deception. While it may be too early to celebrate a win, Californians are to be congratulated for rallying advocacy groups to defeat Proposition 23. 
If you'll remember, big oil companies, Tesoro and Valero, put Proposition 23 on the ballot to delay pre-existing clean air legislation that marked a positive and historic turn for California's clean energy future. They said, "Hey we're for clean energy too, we just want to delay it, that's all. You don't want to lose jobs, do you?" Pleeeeeaase! Don't believe a word of it.  They don't want to delay clean energy, they want to postpone it indefinitely! The good news is that California can see this deception for what it is. California's clean air legislation is creating jobs, not losing them! Many people have voted early and the polls are showing that Prop 23 will likely be defeated! The defeat of Proposition 23 is critical. We need to send a message to Big Oil that they can't reverse climate legislation anywhere. Even if you don't live in California, spread the word and we will be heard!!  Peace Out--Ethan