Hey Neergs--

Remember what cap and trade is? It's basically a carbon trading system that allows government to set a limit on carbon dioxide emissions and allows companies who use more than they should to buy "credits" from those who have extra to spare. Companies that use less actually make money selling their extra credits--a pretty attractive incentive. It's a concept that has been debated at the federal level, and now looks pretty dead there as a result of the recent election. The Republican congress is not a big fan of regulating CO2 period! But, chin up my fuzzy little green friends--cap and trade seems to be making some headway at the regional and state level in spite of the "evil carbon emission promoters." I know, I know, is it really the best solution? I don't know, but it seems like any plan is better than no plan! If you watch the video below, the funny guy in the glasses tells you how cap and trade worked to get acid rain out of our skies. Hmmm....maybe it works.  Wouldn't that be great? 

So another one  of my favorite reads, www.grist.org, has a great article about the post-election outlook of carbon emissions regulation.  I was excited to learn that ten northeastern states have run a successful program that has resulted in raising $729 million for clean energy programs.  It's a start! And two other programs in the West and Midwest are moving forward with their own plans. So, while these are only modest successes, they can be a model for how a national program could run. Once they get the programs running like fine-tuned machines, everyone can copy the process. The good news is that it it shows everyone that the naysayers are dead wrong.  Clean energy is good for the economy! In the Northeast, the program hasn't cost consumers any more money in their energy costs! So there--take that evil carbon guys! Please read Jonathon Hiskes article--very cool and funny. Peace Out--Ethan