Hey Neergs--

I wanted to share some of these great pictures we took from the car on the way home from the USA Swimming Central Zone meet in Lincoln, NE. As we drove through Iowa, we started seeing these beautiful white structures looming out of the corn fields.  They were wind turbines and they went on for miles.  I actually thought they were quite beautiful.  Maybe they're beautiful because of what they represent--a movement toward clean energy.  I was really excited to see so many, and they were all turning on the windy day.  If you have the chance to travel Interstate 80 in Iowa, you'll get a chance to see them. The Adair wind project is a 76-Turbine, 174.8 megawatt wind farm by MidAmerican energy. The blades rotate around a diameter of 300 feet on top of 265 foot high towers. One megawatt is reported to power about 700 homes! So check out these cool pictures and let me know what you think about the wind turbines.  Do you have any cool wind or solar projects near where you live? Send us your pictures and your stories!! Also check out the cool wind turbine video on our Video of the Day page.  It looks just like the ones from the Adair Wind Project. Peace Out-Ethan