Hey Neergs! 

Today there is some really cool breaking news out of Cleveland, Ohio. The city is placing microchips in resident trash bins and recycling bins to monitor recycling. But this goes even further than that! The microchips will provide data that tells the city whether or not you are recycling. If the answer is no, the city will go through your trash bin to see if recycled items are in your trash bin.  If that number is more than 10%, you could see a fine of $100.

I think it's great. Hard habits are hard to break unless it costs you money.  I think this is very much like putting a bag tax on plastic bag usage.  Most of us want to do the right thing most of the time, LOL, but sometimes we get busy, right? We don't mean to throw out that plastic bottle, but well, I don't see a recycling bin anywhere near! Come on, you have to admit you've done it at some time.  Do you know that my Mom now makes me take plastic stuff home when we can't find a recycling bin? 

Anyway, don't you think we'd be a little bit better about recycling if it was going to cost us $100? Maybe a positive incentive would work even better. What if residents got a gift certificate or some kind of credit on their taxes for good reports? My Mom and Dad give me a few bucks for a good report card.  Does that work for grown-ups? Just a thought.