Hey Neergs--

Enough is enough! I was so excited to read the headline on the Huffington Post today, "Scientists Fight Back."  And I'm not talking about a headline on the green section--this is on the front page!!  Two separate initiatives are being organized to combat the newly elected Republican officials proud to be labeled "climate deniers."  One initiative involves the American Geophysical Union; they are planning to announce that 700 climate scientists will unite in speaking out on man-made causes of global warming. The second is a "climate rapid response team" being organized by John Abraham at St. Thomas University. His group of scientists are prepared to skillfully handle hostile audiences in the media. Bottom line, these two groups of scientists are going to attack ignorance where it lives--in the Republican Party. 

There, I said it, LOL.  I've tried to keep politics low profile in my blogs, but I can't hold back anymore. The corporate take over of our country hasn't happened by accident.  Our elected officials have allowed themselves to be bought by Big Oil and Dirty Coal. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of Democrats also guilty of this charge. However, the Republicans have declared a war--a skepticism war on climate change. They plan to attack the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that keeps emissions in check and protects our air quality. Their attack is disguised as an effort to save jobs. The defeat of Propostion 23 in California proves that the communities are smarter than that. Educated citizens know that regulations on dirty energy companies are critical to our welfare, and that green jobs are our future. So keep your nose in the news. Engage your friends and families in conversation about the Republican Party and the "climate deniers."  Be just like the scientists organizing the good fight--be prepared for hostile audiences. Arm yourself with the facts!