Hey Neergs-

 I was so sad to see this article from MSNBC that reports a massive coral die off in 93 degree water in Indonesia--a result of global warming. The report goes on to say that this is likely one of the "most rapid and severe coral mortality events ever recorded."   Scientists say that 80 percent of some species have died as a result, with others expected to die in the next couple of months.

I remember my parents had taken me to St. John when I was around five.  The reefs were so beautiful. When we returned just a few years later, I was amazed to see so much coral lying dead and white, washed up on the beach.  This doesn't just affect the sea life that feeds upon the reefs, but the the entire eco-system that also feeds humans. This is really devastating.  Wake up humans!  The reefs are disappearing at unexpected rates. We have no time to lose. Have you seen our climate bill petition?  Now would be a great time to sign it!

Peace Out-Ethan