Hey Neergs-

Listen, I know this is complicated stuff, this proposed climate bill. In a nutshell, the bill would have placed limits on carbon emissions produced from power plants, refineries and factories that contribute to global warming. The limit would put a price on pollution making it expense for companies to do business as usual, meaning they'd pay for their carbon-producing ways! It would force these companies to invest in clean energy alternatives.  Unfortunately, IMHO, our Senate, both Republicans and Democrats alike, have dropped the ball--big time! They lack the courage to pass a bill that will really make a difference.The Republicans are at fault for being more worried about re-election than their children's and grandchildren's futures--yes, I mean US!  The Democrats are to blame for being cowards!  Where is the leadership? I think it's time for President Obama to stop playing nice-guy.  I know kids with more courage! You would think we'd have our priorities in line after the BP Gulf Oil Spill. We don't want an ineffective, watered-down version of the climate bill. It won't get the job done! Do you know who your Senator is? We're going to work on a contact page for kids in the next couple of weeks.  Let's show our leadership and let them know how we feel about our future.

Peace Out-Ethan