Hey Neergs,

I know, the election results are very disappointing. Total bummer, the Dems lost the House of Representatives, which is where most new legislation happens. But we need to keep our eyes open and understand our current position in order to take meaningful action. What do we know? 

  • The  Republicans are bent on winning both houses and the presidency two years from now. 
  •  To do just that, they will focus on fixing the bad economy at any cost--including the sacrifice of  clean energy and climate legislation. 

It's disheartening, but boo-hooing won't make things better. Instead, let's focus on the positive. There is a greater movement underway, a movement that includes me and you, and it won't be long before we are old enough to vote. Many of us will be able to vote in less than ten years, and our elected officials better realize that we are the bench talent for this growing new Youth Movement that wants change, and wants it now! 

In the Huffington Post today, Whit Jones talked about the energy of the Youth Movement. He credited young people for rallying support for Proposition 23, collecting over 160,000 signatures on over 50 college campuses to defeat the measure. Right! Prop 23 was defeated!  And it wasn't even close! Remember Joel Francis? He's the student who challenged Charles Koch, the billionaire Oil tycoon to debate Prop 23.  I don't think they ever accepted, LOL!

Yes, these are college kids, but age shouldn't slow you down. We're impressed by the efforts even younger kids have made to get the word out on climate change. See our video below. So remember, many of our elected officials will not be alive in 2050, but we will! And they better start voting for issues that protect our futures, or else in ten years, they won't get our votes!

So it's time to get up off the floor, dust ourselves off, and get busy.  I for one, plan to add a bunch of action sites for kids on our "Our Favorite Sites" page.  Let's see what's out there and what we can do to help.  Peace Out--Ethan