Hey Neergs--

So have you been following the Climate Change Conference in Cancun--COP16? I knew going in that the best we could hope for would be some momentum--anything to keep the ball moving in the right direction. It appears that everyone else but the U.S. seems to get it, including China. Well, we've sent our representatives to this critical conference to help solve a crises that has rightly alarmed the world... and then we just sit back and wait for others to do the hard work? Do we even belong there? I know we need to be part of the solution, but I don't see it happening for at least two more years. What went wrong? Our country voted a new wave of climate change deniers into office! Our President failed to pass climate legislation when the Democrats controlled Congress and he had the chance. Let's hope the world can pressure the United States into taking meaningful action in the next two years while we wait for new elections to right the ship. 

We shouldn't have to be strong-armed. That's not who we are. What happened to our leadership and moral integrity to do the right thing? Climate change is happening, and we are going to lose face quickly on what could be an amazing opportunity to create a better world. This is unacceptable and no time for us kids to stay quiet. We must continue to speak with friends and stick our necks out in public forums like blogs, forums, You Tube and GKR! We have two years before the next congressional and presidential election--let's not squander them. Spread the word and we will be heard! Reporters say COP16 could result in an agreement on how to measure, verify and report carbon emissions (MRV). This only sounds good if the United States would finally agree on what goal we're measuring against. Let's keep the pressure on them! Peace Out--Ethan