Hey Neergs!

Ever heard of GMO's--Genetically Modified Organisms? Probably not. Unfortunately, most families in the the U.S. don't know either. GMO's are found in all kinds of food you eat everyday like milk, meat, cookies, crackers, juice--the list goes on and on! America is only just learning about a company called Monsanto and it's very special relationship with the USDA.  Monsanto is a biotech company that produces 90% of GMO seed in the world. They allege that their biotechnology can produce more food with less resources for a growing world. Sounds good right?  Unfortunately, studies reveal that the GMO's not only cause serious health problems like cancer, but do not actually increase food yield--just their profits. Monsanto's GMO's also also contaminate organic (chemical-free, GMO free) crops while they are at it. Why are we putting up with this, you ask? Monsanto has a lot of money to throw around--enough to buy the support they need in congress to do whatever the heck they like. Former U.S. ambassador, Craig Stapleton, was even exposed for suggestions that we retaliate against France for banning GMO corn? Really? Yes. 

So if you read the green section in the HuffingtonPost, you'll see a string of new articles causing a big commotion about Monsanto and their genetically engineered (GE) seeds. There is a new outcry in response to the USDA's approval of GE alfalfa seed sales. The decision will likely pave the wave for other GE seed and crops. GMO's are already pervasive in the food we eat. Big brands like Kellogg's (I know--Pop-tarts, cereal, Eggo Waffles) are now being boycotted by savvy Americans for using GMO's in their U.S. products. Newsflash! Kellogg's is not using the GMO's in Europe. Why not? The EU (European Union) demands the labeling of GMO's in their food. The result? Families in the EU won't buy food labeled as such! So this is where the rubber meets the road. American families are simply not in the know. We need to demand legislation for our own food safety including labeling at the very minimum. Seriously, I can walk away from Pop-tarts with GMO sugar--can't you?  So, I challenge you to get educated on this issue quick. Tell mom and dad to look at these websites with you. They will give you the lowdown on GMO"s, the Millions Against Monsanto campaign and a great list of GMO food to avoid...and better yet, a list of alternatives! Check out another cool video our our Green Kids Rock homepage! KidsPeace Out--Ethan