Hey Neergs--

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I woke up to check the "green news" this morning and was excited to learn that Mexico City has banned all plastic, non biodegradable bags. Care2 reports that Mexico City is now the largest metropolitan area in the Western Hemisphere to go "bagless." I like the momentum we are seeing. Let's hope the state of California is successful levying its  25 cent bag tax. The bag tax worked great in Ireland: sometimes you just have to motivate people through their pocketbooks to do the right thing. What if they knew that plastic bags were the leading pollutants of our oceans? And what if they knew that plastic bags were breaking up into small pieces that were getting into our food web? Make sure you spread the word. 

 Please read the article at Care2. It reminds us that it takes 500 years for  a plastic bag to biodegrade in a landfill, and that over 90% of plastic bags are never recycled.  That's not good when over 500 billion bags are produced worldwide each year!  The article also lists some great tricks so your family is never caught at the store without reusable bags. How can you help? Restock Mom and Dads cars with the reusable canvas bags so they don't forget.  Remind Mom to keep a few bags in her purse for those unexpected shopping stops! And do what my family does in a pinch, decline the bag. Many items can be carried or put into a purse! Saturday is a shopping day for lots of folks, so don't forget! 
Peace Out-Ethan