Hey Neergs!

Yesterday we talked about fracking--a technology that allows natural gas to be extracted from beneathe the earth using what some environmentalists would say are dangerous chemicals.  If you'll recall, a company called Halliburton did not disclose what chemicals it uses in its fracking fluid. It turns out, Halliburton has recently disclosed the ingredients--at least some of them for the state of Pennsylvania (and more information coming soon supposedly). Halliburton may have been stalling for competitive reasons--they say their fracking fluid is "safer" and more green, using ingredients from the food industry. While the use of these safer ingredients have been confirmed, the New York times reported there were toxic chemicals still present as well including stuff found in paint thinners, car wax and cleaners.  Still unclear to me, is whether this new "safer" and "cleaner" fracking fluid will prevent natural gas from leaking into our drinking water when accidents happen? Sure some of the chemicals in the fracking fluid may be flammable and toxic to drink, but isn't the problem of  natural gas leaking into our water supplies also a huge problem?? This will continue to be a hot topic. We need to follow the EPA's (Environmental Protection Agency) announcement to conduct a thorough study on fracking. What will they discover, and what will they do with that information? Help us stay up to date. If you see any great articles that you'd like to share on fracking, please email the link to us at admin@greenkidsrock.com. We'll give you the credit for finding important news!  

For those of you who've been hanging out here, you know I'm a swimmer! I'm off to a big swim meet this weekend, trying to score a few A and AA times! Thought I'd end on a happy note and share this link with beautiful pictures of "green" pools. I don't mean green in color, but eco-friendly pools! Some of the new pools don't even have chlorine--a little easier on the eyes and the bathing suit. I'd love to swim in one of these pools! Have a great weekend Neergs!  Peace Out-Ethan