Hey Neergs!
I was inspired by this video (below) to bring up the subject of clean energy legislation again. If you've been following us, you know that we have created a Take Action page on www.GreenKidsRock.com to give kids an opportunity to voice their disappointment about the inaction of our congress.  It's completely unacceptable and now our country is not only in danger of  not moving forward on clean energy legislation, but taking back-steps.  Please read "What's at Stake in your Governor's Race" from the The Grist today. It reports that the outcomes of 37 gubernatorial races will hugely impact energy and climate policy. The article includes a great map that allows you to click your state and read up on the race and candidates.  You can quickly inform yourself on the viewpoints of each candidate and realize how critical this election season is. I know I sound like a broken record, "We can't vote, but we can be heard."  This isn't a meaningless mantra.  We have to own it and start doing the work. There's a reason that corporate advertisers use kids and dogs in their commercials--the ads get results.  Adults are moved by a cute kid with a cute dog!  I know this sounds hilarious, but the point I'm trying to make is that you have much more power than you realize.  Be creative and start blogging or create videos you can send here or numerous other channels.  Make your opinion known on global warming and environmental pollution. Express your disappointment in adults (and other kids) who are too lazy to change their behavior  to make a better world for you!  Start by signing our petition , posting on our forum , or emailing GKR blogs and video posts to admin@greenkidsrock.com.  Let's get busy. Election season is near! Peace Out-Ethan