Hey Neergs--

Please check out  Johann Hari's article in the Huffington Post today. He presents some scary facts from NASA.  We all know oil is spilling into our ocean in the Gulf, and is causing widespread devastation to the people and wildlife that live there.  But did you know that oil spills also release lots of gases into the atmosphere when they burn? Johann says these gases add to global warming. He reports NASA's findings that we could have the hottest year ever known.  Worse yet, his article reports that  the International Energy Agency warns that if we continue  to extract and burn the remaining oil on this earth, we could see an impact that hasn't been seen in 251 million years, which resulted in the biggest mass extinction in the fossil record.

We can't go on like this. Our generation has to make a difference.  We have to be heard. We need to speak our minds and change our own behaviors, even if our parents aren't quite ready to make that change. Make a commitment to make one small change this week.  Don't ask mom for the ride in the SUV.  Share a ride with a friend, ride your bike, or walk today. It's a start. And if you're feeling really charged up, write your representative and tell them you want a clean energy future! Peace Out--Ethan