Hey Neergs--

While the defeat of the plastic bag ban in California was disappointing, there is a great movement underway. Local governments in the United States as well as other countries around the world like China, India and Ireland, are establishing their own anti-plastic bag policies. And everyday kids like you and me (and our families) are making huge efforts to remember their reusable bags when they go to shop. But there are others who still need reminding.  Most of these people think they're just too busy to make the change; they aren't fully aware of the impact of their actions or they would stop, right? So, I thought maybe we should locate some entertaining and humorous content to share with these "busy" plastic baggers to grab their attention!

While I was researching cool websites about anti-plastic bag legislation, I came across "Bag it: The Movie."  While this is just a sneak preview, it says a lot about our rotten habits as a throw-away society. The funny guy in the trailer talks about just being a regular guy--a regular guy who has closets and drawers full of plastic bags. He goes on a personal journey to learn more about the harmful effects of plastic bags in our environment and is shocked by what he discovers. He wonders where "away" is when something is thrown away and reminds us that plastics never go away! Don't miss the landfill scene! That's something special.  It's clear we can't hold our breath for our elected representatives to pass state-wide plastic bag bans or bag taxes, so we need to enact our own personal policies. What meaningful actions can you take on your own? 

Maybe, like me, you've convinced Mom and Dad to only use reusable bags.  Maybe you've convinced your family to only shop
 at places like Costco and Aldi's who don't even offer plastic bags!  I love these retailers because your only choice is to bring your own bags or load up stuff in your cart without bags. Maybe you bought a bunch of reusable bags as a gift for your grandparents who are never too old to get on board! If it's important to you, I bet it will be important to them!  So, don't be shy. Make it your goal to convince just one family to switch to reusable bags this month.  That would be quite an accomplishment! And check out, "Bag it: The Movie" trailer here.  You can even request an educational showing for your school. 


Bag It Intro from Suzan Beraza on Vimeo.