Hey Neergs-

I know you guys--you're smart.  You can watch an adult newscast and understand most of it.  I also know some of the best news is on late when most of us are in bed.  That's why YouTube rocks!  If Mom and Dad say it's okay to be on the internet, you have to search for Rachel Maddow.  She is sooooo cool and beyond smart. Check out the new video on our BP Video of the Day page. She explains things in terms I can understand.  She talks about how the oil drilled here ends up in an international markets--and how drilling here in the U.S. doesn't really move our ball forward.  Drilling here in the U.S. jeopardizes our environment (especially our wetlands) and it doesn't offset our dependence on other countries for oil.  The oil here doesn't go to local markets. Isn't that amazing? I thought oil drilled here kept us from having to get it form somewhere else.  That just isn't true. Until we commit to a clean energy future (wind, solar, etc.), more accidents like this are likely to occur.  When does everybody get mad enough that they demand action from their congressional representatives?  Peace Out-Ethan