Hey Neergs-- 

I know I'm going a little crazy about this Proposition 23 ballot issue, but I need to make sure everyone knows this isn't just about California. This is a precedent setting vote. All eyes are on the outcome of this issue. Please see our homepage video with Al Gore. He breaks it down very simply. Big Oil is funding Prop 23, and this is all about stopping California's Global Warming Solutions Act. Big Oil wants to win in California and then move on to attack similar clean energy plans everywhere. They intend to keep operating their industry as usual. Defeat of Prop 23 would force Big Oil to do things differently and that would cost them money. They will spend a lot of money to get their way. 

Now, don't touch that dial! YOU MUST READ THIS! We told you all about Texan Oil companies Valero and Tesoro funding Prop 23, but there is a bigger enemy. The billionaire Koch brothers operate Koch Industries, and not only do they back Prop 23, but they have sponsored "climate denier" groups across the country. A really scary article appeared in the in the New York Times online by Kate Zernike which exposed a meeting hosted by Charles and David Koch. The Koch Brothers have invited their cronies “to review strategies for combating the multitude of public policies that threaten to destroy America as we know it.” 

What do they really mean by this? They mean they want to counter-attack anything that threatens their profits. Unfortunately this includes attacks on proposed "climate change" legislation which they consider "alarmism." The danger is that they have the money to influence others in a big way, including Supreme Court Justices. Again, we need to do the work of staying informed. Read, study and educate yourself, and then advocate! Speak out, blog and share. Spread the word and be passionate about your message. This is our planet and our future. Big Oil tycoons should not be allowed to "buy" their own way. Their way of doing business hurts our country and others around the globe who cannot defend themselves. They cannot be allowed to take whatever they want in the name of "free enterprise." It's just wrong. Our job is to expose them and their self-interests! Thanks for listening. Go Neergs!