Hey Neergs--

As a follow-up to the post on our "throw-away" society, I found a really cool article on the HuffingtonPost site. Amy and Adam Korst reduced their trash to four pounds over a year's time! They said that the average family produces 8 pounds of trash a day! How did they do it?  They refused to buy anything that produces trash--anything that cannot be recycled. If it doesn't come in recyclable packaging, they just don't buy it!  My family is far from perfect, but we are working very hard to change our ways. We started with recycling aluminum, plastic and magazines. We try hard to remember our canvas bags when we shop and turn down plastic when we forget. I am trying really hard to remember my stainless water bottle at camp everyday so that I don't have to buy bottled water.  It's not any better for you anyway--that's a whole different post!

Oh we're working on improving our look so it's easier to find things.  If you haven't seen our video yet, check out the home page for our Project Kaisei Video.  Sue Shick and her students at Case Western Reserve University helped us produce it.  It's called "machinima," and it was a great way to tell kids and their parents about Project Kaisei. Project Kaisei is working hard to come up with clean-up solutions for the Pacific Trash Vortex, or Great Garbage Patch as some call it. Hope you like it.  See you back here or try me at http://twitter.com/EthanPoole.  Peace Out Neergs!