Hey Neergs!

I have some questions for you today.  Do you use shampoo, sunscreen or maybe lipstick?  All of these products are known to have harmful chemicals in them.  These chemicals are hard to pronounce and even harder to spell. The companies that make these products say there is very little of these toxins in the products and that you'd have to use a whole lot to get sick.  But they forgot to do the math! We all use lots of these products, and we use them everyday. These toxins can cause cancer, asthma, autism and other illnesses. What's worse is that our government doesn't regulate the labeling on the products or the use of these chemicals in the stuff we use. Please watch the "Story of Cosmetics" and get your Mom or Dad to watch it with you. It's a little on the long side, but it is really amazing.  It was so good I watched it twice. We have to change our system and demand that our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) go to work and get toxic chemicals out of the stuff we use. Annie Leonard is our "Neerg of the Day." Thank you Annie for making this cool video!  Also check out Annie's "The Story of Stuff" on our Video of the Day page.  It's a keeper!  Peace Out-Ethan