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Meet Our Friend, Andrea Neal, Blue Ocean Sciences

January 24, 2011
Hey Neergs--

Green Kids Rock is back and ready to take on 2011 with exciting new partnerships, stories and a fun, fresh look ( to be revealed over the next few months). So stay tuned and check back often. We'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas on our GKR Forum.   

In the meantime, we would like to introduce you to Andrea, Neal, the founder of Blue Ocean Sciences.  Andrea is crossing the Atlantic Ocean as we speak! She and her Blue Ocean Sciences team "BOS" are collaborating with the Schmidt Ocean Institute. They are providing a very cool 255 ft. scientific sailing vessel called the Lone Ranger. Andrea's group will sail 3,000 miles through the North Atlantic Gyre, ending up in Bermuda on January 29.

The Marine Debris elite Team, a bunch of really smart scientists from around the world, will be on board to analyze how plastic debris is impacting marine and human life.
 Specialists will study how microbes eat plastics in the ocean so that they can better monitor and develop technologies to protect our oceans. The Team's microbe experts will also be on the hunt for "biofuel candidates" that may provide innovative solutions for ocean trash. 

Learn more about Andrea by watching our home page video or check Blue Ocean Sciences out at 

Peace Out--Ethan


Embarassed for U.S. at COP16

December 2, 2010
Hey Neergs--

So have you been following the Climate Change Conference in Cancun--COP16? I knew going in that the best we could hope for would be some momentum--anything to keep the ball moving in the right direction. It appears that everyone else but the U.S. seems to get it, including China. Well, we've sent our representatives to this critical conference to help solve a crises that has rightly alarmed the world... and then we just sit back and wait for others to do the hard work? Do we even ...

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United Nations Climate Change Conference, Cancun, Mexico

November 29, 2010
Welcome Back Neergs!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and "green" Turkey Day.  If you didn't have "tofurkey" maybe you celebrated with an organic, free range bird, or at least made the vegetarian dishes a bigger part of the feast. Well now that you are well fed, it's time to get back in the swing. I'm hoping a few of you Neergs are aware of the United Nation's Climate Change conference happening in Cancun now. For two weeks, the UN will attempt to ink agreements that would give billions of dolla...
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Halliburton discloses safer fracking fluid?

November 19, 2010
Hey Neergs!

Yesterday we talked about fracking--a technology that allows natural gas to be extracted from beneathe the earth using what some environmentalists would say are dangerous chemicals.  If you'll recall, a company called Halliburton did not disclose what chemicals it uses in its fracking fluid. It turns out, Halliburton has recently disclosed the ingredients--at least some of them for the state of Pennsylvania (and more information coming soon supposedly). Halliburton may have been st...
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Fracking? What's all the fuss about?

November 18, 2010
Hey Neergs--

Don't know if you watch 60 minutes with your family--a very good show--but last Sunday reporter Lesley Stahl covered a very important topic you need to know about. The segment researched the race for Natural Gas as the new, cleaner alternative to Dirty Coal and Oil. Natural gas used to be too costly to extract, but two new technologies allow the industry to drill cost-effectively through shale, a very hard rock below the earth's surface. One technology allows companies to drill si...
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