Happy Friday Neergs!

I know we've discussed plastic bottles a lot on GKR. We've talked about how long they take to biodegrade (up to 1000 years) and how little are recycled (about 12%). We know they are bad for the earth, but in oceans the problem compounds. I shared our Project Kaisei video with you and spent lots of time talking about the Pacific Trash Vortex  For all those reasons, and more, we have called on you Neergs to ban plastic bottles and to encourage your friends and families to do the same. 

Well today we have another compelling reason to ban your use of plastic water bottles--BPA. We've touched on BPA before. BPA is a toxic chemical that is found in lots of plastics, cans and everyday objects we touch like store receipts!  Seriously, who knew? The FDA states that the amount of BPA found in these items is too low to affect your health, but what if they're wrong? Well, it appears they might be, according to a new study. We could be exposed to at least eight times the limit of bisphenol recommended by the EPA. The research suggests that our liver may not be able to detoxify BPA enough to secrete it through urination. Remaining BPA in the blood stream can mimic important hormones in the body and has been linked to breast cancer and Attention Deficit Disorder--an growing issue for us kids. Bottom line is that BPA is dangerous. It should not be allowed in the products we touch and use everyday. Some states are pushing for their own food safety legislation to limit levels of BPA, but we need our U.S. Congress to pass national legislation that protects everyone, including kids who are especially affected during their developmental years. Right now a Food Safety Bill will be awaiting Senate approval upon their return from the August break. Senator Dianne Feinstein attempted to push a provision that would include a BPA ban in the bill, but major opposition from the food industry caused the Dems to drop it. All is not lost however, Senator Feinstein will offer the amendment on the floor. Hopefully the recent, alarming study on BPA will bring new pressure that warrants action! You can send an email to your representative asking them to support a BPA ban  by clicking the "Email Your Senator Link" on our Take Action Page. The representatives are listed there too!  You may also want to check out this article for your family, 7 Best Ways to Avoid Toxic BPA on the Care 2 website. Peace Out Everybody--Ethan