Greeting Neergs--

If you weren't allowed to stay up late for President Obama's address from the Oval Office, you can find it here on our BP Video of the Day page. President Obama spoke about the continuing flow of oil from the well and that it is likely to continue, affecting wildlife and those who make their living from the Gulf. He speaks to our governments failures to better regulate the industry and commits to holding BP accountability. I was happy to hear him rally for a new clean energy future--to move to a clean energy future.  I hope this catastrophic event encourages a quicker transition to that future--one without oil.  

I still have many questions.  I am sad that our government is so slow to take charge of the BP Oil disaster.  I am sad that President Obama is just meeting with BP now.  We are in day 58--and it appears we are no closer to "plugging the hole."  How do you feel about President Obama's speech last night?  Peace Out-Ethan