Hey Neergs--

Hope you had a chance to read our post yesterday here on Green Kids Rock.  I could not tear myself away from the PC yesterday, learning more about this serious threat to the safety of our food supply. The more I read on this issue, the madder I got. How is it that one company, Monsanto, is allowed to control and contaminate our food supply.  You should do your own research by "googling" stuff like "Monsanto," "GMOs," "GE" and "GE Alfalfa." Those should get you some good results. I'm also going to include some links to leading organic producers who are supposedly taking a stand on the GMO issue.

So analyze this and tell me what you think! The big players affecting the USDA decision to deregulate GMOs appear to have a conflict of interest.  Tom Vilsack is the USDA Secretary, and as the former Governor of Iowa was a huge Monsanto advocate.  Michael Taylor, the Senior Adviser to the Food and Drug Administration Commissioner on Food Safety was a former VP of Public Policy for Monsanto. And I'm just getting started. Check out the Organic Consumers Association and their USDA watch website. It goes on to list others, including  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas--a former Monsanto attorney. Monsanto controls 90% of seed in the U.S.  Scary right? 

Congressman Dennis Kucinich is introducing three bills that would mandate GMO labeling and safety testing, eliminate seed patenting, increase protections for farmers and hold big biotech companies responsible for GMO damages. Unfortunately big biotech companies like Monsanto can spend big money to "buy-off" congress and dupe the public with big and misleading advertising campaigns.

That's not to say that this is hopeless. I really believe that truthful viral campaigns can win the day. We need to talk to our friends and families and encourage them to buy local, seek out "organically certified" labels and to spread the word.  Do your homework and see how you feel about Whole Foods, Stoneyville and Organic Valley.  My mom buys a bunch of their stuff and I've convinced her not to. They are going along with the USDA decision to allow GMOs and you have to ask yourself why?Some articles point to a cozy friendship with the USDA Secretary Vilack, and still others suggest that a lot of foods sold by Whole Foods and others are not really "organic"  and they know it. So make sure to shop local, visit local farmer's markets and take time to only buy supermarket foods labeled "Certified Organic" when possible.  Better yet, grow your own with heritage seeds!

This morning I emailed my representatives asking them to support Congressman Kucinich's bills and to take a stand against Monsanto's influence over the USDA. Don't be a wallflower. Want to know who your representatives are and how to contact them? Click here! Thanks Neergs!  You da best.  Peace Out--Ethan