Hey Neergs--

So did you wear something totally hot to school today? Unfortunately, I was sporting my uniform--khakis and a blue polo shirt. Not so hot, I know! At least we don't have girls at our school, so no one cares, LOL. Now I'm betting some of you crazy kids get to express yourselves and wear what you want. Let me guess...you probably own a thing or two from Abercrombie and Fitch, right? Well pay attention, because I'm hoping you Neergs are ready to vote with your wallet.

Teens Turning Green is a cool national advocacy group walking the walk. The group has sent an official letter to the CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch (A&F), demanding they stop spraying their fragrance "Fierce" in stores and on customers. Apparently, teens who shopped there were complaining of headaches, dizziness and nausea. So, the kids did their homework and enlisted the help of a scientist. And guess what they discovered? "Fierce" contained chemicals that are not only linked to allergies, headaches and nausea, but could also impact the male reproductive system and cause neurological disorders in developing children. I always did hate those "fragrance pushers" at the stores--with good reason now, right? 

Well, Teens Turning Green is really stepping it up by taking their letter writing effort and petition to the next level. A public protest is scheduled in San Francisco's Westfield Mall on September 28th from 4-5pm at the corporate location. Let's rally behind Teens Turning Green and support them by
 signing their petition against the spraying of "Fierce." Read the letter to A&F CEO, Mike Jeffries here. I also ask you to join our GKR Forum and weigh in on "TTG Gets Fierce!" Lastly, check out TTG's video and vote with your wallet elsewhere until A&F resolves this!

Peace Out--Ethan