Hey Neergs!

He's educated on the issue, motivated to kick some butt and ready to advocate for his principles! His name is Joel Francis, and Green Kids Rock anoints him "Neerg of the Day." And you know we don't just bestow this honor on just anyone. Joel has teeth. He means business; he issued a video debate challenge to Charles Koch, one of the billionaire Koch brothers responsible for getting Prop 23 on the ballot. Goes to show you, money isn't everything. Joel Francis, a student at Cal State, is going to embarrass Charles Koch to come out of hiding (he lives in Wichita, Kansas).  That's right--Joel makes the very good point that Mr. Koch doesn't even live in California! So why is he behind a ballot issue that could threaten California's new and thriving green economy? Joel knows why...and so do we. Mr. Charles Koch is a greedy, self-interested businessman who is out to protect his profit margins at any cost. He does this by creating fear that the new green economy will take more jobs away from California. Nothing could be further from the truth! California's green economy will create lots of jobs, and investor groups think so too! In a really fun turn of events, some really, really big investor groups are planning to formally announce their support to defeat Proposition 23. Now we have some big companies with lots of money in our corner too! In fact, California has already received over $9 billion dollars in investment money for new clean energy technology. Joel Francis says that if Charles Koch doesn't reply, he'll show up on his office doorstep to personally to invite him again.  I can't wait for that one! Go get'em Joel!

Peace Out-Ethan