Hey Neergs--

We need smarter consumers and more responsible journalists!  The Today Show and others have recently made a big stink over how loud the Sun Chips 100% compostable bag is.  I found 87 results in You Tube for "loud Sun Chips' bag."  Are they kidding? Are people really that upset about a loud chip bag?  I know many of the independently produced videos are in good fun and meant to entertain us.  Having said that, the logical question one must ask is, why can't you just put them in a bowl?  Wouldn't you tolerate a few bag crinkles while you dump your chips in a bowl for an eco-responsible, biodegradable bag? This bag is reported to decompose in just 14 weeks.  The average plastic bag is said to decompose in landfills and our ocean in 500 years. You do the math! More products need to come in this kind of packaging. I'll take the trade-off. I love the bag and the chips aren't bad either. See attached video for the pros and cons of Sun Chips.