Hey Neergs!

First of all I'd like to thank everyone for all your help supporting our Climate Change Legislation Petition. We have a long way to go and will keep our petition up through the end of the month.  Please continue to spread the word and support our friends at 350.org.  They did an amazing job rallying people all over the world--over 7000 events in 188 countries. Astounding and inspiring. And yet, we have a lot of work to do still.

If I've learned one thing, it's that kids are capable of understanding difficult concepts and material. Adults often underestimate us and don't realize the power we have. We've covered lots of complex ideas here on GKR (and it's all still here in our archives if you search). We've learned the difference between carbon tax vs. cap and trade. We've learned that the number 350 is critically important, because we need to get our CO2 back to 350 parts per million to ensure the safety of our planet and our future. We learned that politics, and who you support in a political race (until you can vote), matters a great deal. The outcome of these political races will determine policy and our country's direction for a long time to come--for better or worse.

Well, in my opinion it looks like we're headed for trouble. President Obama has not succeeded in making the headway we had hoped on many issues, including the environment. His poll numbers are not strong, and the Republicans are going to take advantage of this. They will talk about what a lousy job he is doing and some people will believe them. The Republicans will forget to mention that they went way out of their way to keep the administration from accomplishing anything. Unfortunately, climate change legislation is one of the things that will suffer, if and when the Republicans win a majority of seats in the next election.  

This is why you need to study up! Read, GOP Gives Climate Science a Cold Shoulder by Robert Brownstein.  and R.P. Siegel's article in the Huff Post today.  Yes, these articles are a little challenging, but I know you'll be able to understand the challenge we're facing. Republicans in the U.S. seem to find it easier to disregard climate science--even if the entire world knows it to be true. Special interest groups can influence our representatives because they give them so much money for their campaigns. When they win, it's pay back time. The Big Oil and Coal guys and gals want something in return.  And you can bet, they won't like legislation that keeps them from making lots of money, even if those policies protect our planet and our futures. Neergs, this is the time to brush up on the issues. Know who your representatives are. Know what political races matter in your area. Maybe you can't vote, but you can be heard. Support the candidates who support climate change legislation. Be passionate, and be knowledgeable. It can win the day! Peace Out--Ethan