Hey Neergs--
Try an experiment this week.  Start taking notice of the things that you use everyday from the moment you get up in the morning until you go to sleep.  How many of those items come in packaging? How much stuff do you throw away? How much of this would be avoidable if you took the extra time and care? Since it's summer time, parents are buying kids lots of packaged snacks for their lunches.  Just think if you passed on the packaged (and usually unhealthy) snack for some fruit!  An apple or an orange comes in its own naturally made container! You can't get any better than that!

I know my Dad has loaded our car up with canvas bags so that we never have an excuse to use plastic. Sometimes we forget the bags in the car.  Can you imagine that?  Some habits are hard to break.  We now go back to the car to get them if we forget!     

Well Neergs, try this experiment for a week by writing down everything you use and throw away.  You might even want to create another list of how you could lessen use of those items, or avoid them altogether.  Just think about the apple and orange example for your lunch!  If we create new eco-friendly habits, we'll be able to pass them down to our kids.  But we have to start now! It's not easy to develop new habits that you can stick to everyday.  Keep me posted!  Peace Out-Ethan