Welcome Back Neergs!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and "green" Turkey Day.  If you didn't have "tofurkey" maybe you celebrated with an organic, free range bird, or at least made the vegetarian dishes a bigger part of the feast. Well now that you are well fed, it's time to get back in the swing. I'm hoping a few of you Neergs are aware of the United Nation's Climate Change conference happening in Cancun now. For two weeks, the UN will attempt to ink agreements that would give billions of dollars for green technology to developing countries and get rich countries to commit to reducing their carbon emissions to safe levels (as suggested by scientists). If you remember, Copenhagen was a bust. Neither the U.S. or China (the worst offenders) were willing to agree to substantial limits on their carbon output. While 85 countries did make pledges to reduce CO2 emissions during Copenhagen, these pledges fall seriously short of meeting the cuts scientists say we need. I don't think anyone believes this conference is going to be a game-changer for climate change, but the UN is hoping that it keeps the pressure on continuing negotiations. 

And if you have a chance, take a peak at our home page video featuring Friends of the Earth, a non-profit environmental group. We've talked a lot here about carbon offsets vs. a "black and white" climate bill that regulates every company's emissions (with no wiggle room to escape that responsibility). I continue to favor a straight tax or climate bill that has the same rules for everyone, but have often felt that any action might be better than no action at all. Now I'm not sure. You give these polluters an inch and they take a mile--they always seem to find the loopholes. 

Friends of the Earth agrees. They believe that life and nature should never be put into the "market."
Friends of the Earth stated, "Carbon trading does not lead to real emissions reductions. It is a dangerous distraction from real action to address the structural causes of climate change, such as over-consumption. Developed countries should radically cut their carbon emissions through real change at home, not buy buying offsets from other countries. Carbon offsetting has no benefits for the climate for for developing countries--it only benefits developed countries, private investors, and major polluters who want to continue business as usual." 

Over-consumption--that's the key to this problem. Yes, big industry is to blame, but we do our part by continuing to buy junk we don't always need. Think about that this holiday season--can live without every new toy or technology item? How about tickets to a show, a museum, or sporting event? Can you ask for new clothes from a "fair-trade" retailer? Can you buy a new game from the resale shop?  Lots of alternatives here--just think it through and be part of the solution this holiday. Oh,and enjoy this video--a shout out to our elected representatives who won't pass a climate bill, LOL! Peace Out-Ethan