Hey Neergs--

The election is right around the corner and while polls seem to indicate that voters understand the deception of Proposition 23, we don't want to cut it close, so continue spreading the word if you or your family have a social media account on Facebook or My Space. The great news is that Care2.com reported that Bill Gates and President Obama have formally announced their support against Proposition 23. We can use all the help we can get!

I love how creative the "Vote No on Prop 23" ads are getting! Sometimes an entertaining message can get the point across. Please share links to these videos with your friends. California is our role model state leading the charge into our clean energy future. The progress being made in California will pave the way for other states to jump on board, getting investors excited about the possibilities. We can't let Big Texan Oil undermine these efforts. Spread the word!

Peace Out--Ethan