Hey Neergs!

Have you heard of Proposition 23? It is a California ballot issue this November 2nd and its outcome could lead to similar propositions to undo legislation that protects our clean air. If passed, Proposition 23 will freeze current clean air laws passed to cut greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by 2020 in California. This landmark and historic law is called  AB32, and it was to start in 2012. But the big Texas oil companies don't want clean air laws cutting into their profits, so they are spending a lot on advertising to scare the voting public.They call Prop 23 the "California Jobs Initiative," playing on peoples fears of losing more jobs in a bad economy. Fear can be a powerful emotion, and these oil company people are really smart.  So far two big oil companies, Valero and Tesoro, have donated $4 million and $1.5  to the "California Jobs Initiative" campaign respectively.  The name on prop 23 is not an accident. These two big oil companies hope that uninformed folks will go to the polls without doing their homework. They'll vote for "jobs" without knowing the true implications of passing this issue! Who doesn't want more jobs, right?  Watch these ads and see what you think. Start learning about how Big Oil and Coal "spin" facts to put more money in their own pockets!  Great article on Huff Post--read "No on Propositon 23, Reversing Course on Climate Policy is the Real Jobs Killer."