Hey Neergs!

Road trips are a great way to learn about how the rest of the country is dealing with important environmental issues like recycling! I was lucky to attend the USA Central Zone Swimming meet with a bunch of my friends in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It was a long trip, so we had to stay the night in a hotel along the way and in another hotel once we got there.  I'm not going to name the hotels, because honestly, they are all guilty of this. My mom and dad drove along separate and noticed the same thing from the hotels in which they stayed. So what's my beef?  There were no recycling bins!! Do you have any idea how many plastic bottles of gatorade a swim team consumes over a seven day trip--a lot!!! There were no visible recycling bins in sight. In all fairness, maybe they do recycle, but if the containers are not visible, guess what happens!  Kids and adults will do the right thing when the "good" decision is obvious to them, but unfortunately convenience sometimes takes over.  I saw a lot of kids throwing out their plastic bottles.  The bottom line is that it should be a law in hotels and fast food eateries to supply recycling bins for the packaging their products come in.  What do you think?  

On the flip side, congrats to USA Swimming!  The Central Zone Meet provided numerous recycling bins around the pool deck area for all those gatorade and water bottles.  It was amazing! I wonder if they make money off their recycling? I smell a good fundraiser here!  Oh, and congrats to all my friends from Lake Erie Swimming. You guys rock! 

Peace Out--Ethan