Hey Neergs!

Do you remember "Climategate?"  That was the bruhaha where hackers stole files from legitimate climate scientists in an attempt to discredit the reality of global warming right before the climate summit of 2009. Unfortunately, the lazy media embraced the controversy without representing this smear campaign for what it was--an attempt to mislead the public into believing global warming is not an immediate and very real threat to our lives. The Republican party has used "Climategate" to fuel its agenda to cut funding on all research and measures to fix this very real problem.  They, along with their fossil fuel company buddies stand firm that there is no problem--everything's just fine. Seriously!  

Now the tables are turning--if we do our best to get the word out! A terrific article by Kelly Rigg appeared in the Huffington Post today--bravo Kelly, our Neerg of the Day! Her article puts a spotlight on a climate-denier scientist (I use the term scientist loosely here) by the name of Pat Michaels. He admitted, right on CNN, that 40% of his paycheck comes from "Big Oil." Hmmm? You don't have to be a climate scientist to know that is a conflict of interest, LOL!  To make matters worse for our friend Mr. Michaels, he testified earlier this year that only 3% of his pay came from the energy guys--before a congressional subcommittee no less--YIKES! Now Representative Henry Waxman from California--I love those California guys--is calling for this scientist guy to clarify his facts before the congressional subcommittee again. Go Representative Waxman.  

So here's your job...in order to discredit these climate deniers and the great disservice they do to the American people, and the world, talk this story up with your friends. And when you do, make sure to refer to it as "Skeptigate."  Kelly is hoping to get this term into the social networking machine!  Do your part, talk it up and get it out there.  Remember..."Skeptigate." Read Kelly's article here.