Hey Neergs!

Happy Halloween! Have any of you ever gone to a Halloween party and had a scavenger hunt? It's where teams of kids compete to find a list of stuff before the other teams do. The items are usually silly--a spool of thread, a candle, a safety pin--you get the idea.  It's usually everyday stuff that suddenly has value because your team needs it to win!  Well, there's an exciting concept called "Cradle to Cradle" that does something very similar.  Stuff that someone else doesn't need anymore becomes someone else's treasure.  In the business world, companies have a lot of stuff left over after they produce their products. Unfortunately, most of this stuff gets thrown away and ends up in land fills. The good news is that is beginningk to change.

As you know, we've been learning about a very cool new website called www.amiiko.com.  Our friends Esben and Karsten are optimists, and we know you are too! They  want us to understand that products shouldn't be "less bad" for the earth, but "positively good" instead. Esben and Karsten want you to learn about this "circular system"  called "cradle to cradle" where one company's waste becomes another company's raw material. The concept is about zero waste--that's right! Nothing ends up in a landfill! The concept is inspired by how things are done in nature--plant and animal life do not contribute to our landfills and pollution. Why can't we do that? The concept of mimicking nature is called. biomimicry. We can learn a lot from nature and its processes. And you can even start at home! Ever heard of composting? I'll bet you have. That's where you take your table scraps and add them to composting material. It's not hard to do and keeps a lot of trash out of the landfill. Watch this video to learn how!  Peace Out--Ethan.