About Neerg Hall

We said Neerg, not Nerd! 

If you liked Harry Potter, then you'll love "The Guardians of Neerg Hall." Join Ethan Poole and his friends, Elena and Marcus on exciting eco-adventures for green kids! The Secret of the Mirrors is filled with magical mirrors, parallel universes and a malevolent secret society!  Check out our sneak preview by clicking the E-Book tab in our video player at www.NeergHall.com. Complet E-Book and game coming Holiday Season 2010! 

Are you a Neerg? Be a Guardians and join www.NeergHall.com for a chance to win  "Neerg Hall" t-shirts for your class or an e-reader for yourself! No purchase necessary.  Details and contest rules at www.NeergHall.com 

Hint: Neerg is "Green" spelled backwards! 

If you are one of the "green kids," then consider yourself a Neerg!  Being a "Neerg" is easy as 1-2-3!   


1. Join us in building a movement to change behaviors and save our planet. 

Help spread the word and we will be heard! Be personally aware and advocate for your cause. Take an active role! 

2. Empower yourself with knowledge and friends who share your passion. 

We need you! Read Ethan's Eco Blog and join our forum. An intelligent position is a powerful position. Motivate your friends and family to change their behaviors.    

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  Three simple words with lots of power!

Think about everything you and your family consume.  Make a concerted effort to improve your footprint on our planet.