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Obama supports Monsanto? And more...

February 3, 2011
Hey Neergs--

I read an article by Jeremy Bloom on the Red Blue and Green website this morning. Jeremy suggests that the White House, along with the GOP/Tea Party put the pressure on Tom Vilsack of the USDA to okay the deregulation of GE Alfalfa. The word is the White House, readying itself for a new election, doesn't want to appear as though they are thwarting business growth during a recession, especially this big biotech business. The sad thing is I really believe the President cares about the environment--he and his people just haven't don their homework. Big business seems to always take the front row seat at the expense of what is good for the American Public.

Now Jeremy also wrote another article this morning that featured a terrific interview with Dr. David Suzuki, a respected geneticist. What impressed me most was Dr. Suzuki's analogy that this GMO thing is like putting Americans in a petri dish experiment without our consent. Doesn't that make you angry? We have no idea what products on our grocery shelves contain GMOs in them (probably most). We have no idea what harmful effects they cold have on our bodies--or the environment. According to Dr. Suzuki, GMOs are exactly what their name suggest--genetically modified organisms--living organisms that will infiltrate our environment. If we don't like how it all turns out, we can't take'em back. 

I don't know about you, but it seems that if Americans knew this bad stuff was in their food, they wouldn't buy it, let alone eat it. We need to push for the labeling of GMO's (sometimes called GE--genetically engineered). I'll bet you a hundred dollars your mom wouldn't buy Pop Tarts for you if she saw a GMO lable on them! I'm just saying...people need to know about this.  Share this blog and any other good articles you find about Monsanto.    


Should one company (Monsanto) control our food?

February 2, 2011
Hey Neergs--

Hope you had a chance to read our post yesterday here on Green Kids Rock.  I could not tear myself away from the PC yesterday, learning more about this serious threat to the safety of our food supply. The more I read on this issue, the madder I got. How is it that one company, Monsanto, is allowed to control and contaminate our food supply.  You should do your own research by "googling" stuff like "Monsanto," "GMOs," "GE" and "GE Alfalfa." Those should get you some good results. I...

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Europe won't eat'em, why do we?

February 1, 2011
Hey Neergs!

Ever heard of GMO's--Genetically Modified Organisms? Probably not. Unfortunately, most families in the the U.S. don't know either. GMO's are found in all kinds of food you eat everyday like milk, meat, cookies, crackers, juice--the list goes on and on! America is only just learning about a company called Monsanto and it's very special relationship with the USDA.  Monsanto is a biotech company that produces 90% of GMO seed in the world. They allege that their biotechnology can produ...

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"Gasland" Exposes "The Halliburton Loophole"

January 28, 2011
Happy Friday Neergs!

Joshua Kors of the Huffington Post brought our attention to a great film you should all know about. We've discussed "fracking"  before at Green Kids Rock--a controversial natural gas drilling operation. Now you won't want to miss GasLand.  I know, documentaries can sometimes be a snooze, but Josh Fox isn't an Oscar Nominee or a Sundance Film award winner for nothing!  In May of 2008, Fox was offered $100,000 to lease his land to a natural gas company. $100,000? No-brainer ...
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Your GKR Mission: "Skeptigate"

January 27, 2011
Hey Neergs!

Do you remember "Climategate?"  That was the bruhaha where hackers stole files from legitimate climate scientists in an attempt to discredit the reality of global warming right before the climate summit of 2009. Unfortunately, the lazy media embraced the controversy without representing this smear campaign for what it was--an attempt to mislead the public into believing global warming is not an immediate and very real threat to our lives. The Republican party has used "Climategate"...

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