Hey Neergs--

As I get ready to head to the Zone meet with my swim team, I started thinking about the video we recently posted, The Story of Cosmetics. This very cool video talked about how all these products have toxic chemicals in them, which really adds up when you use several a day.

As a swimmer, I use sunscreen all the time.  I bet you used a lot of sunscreen at your pool this summer. With the harsh UVA rays, you have to protect yourself from skin cancer, right?  My grandma just came back from the doctors. She had a basil cell cancer removed from her face! So, we know we can't mess around with the sun. But, did you also know that some of the chemicals found in sunscreen are cancer-causing? They
also wash off your body, into the water and into the environment! Scientists say that these chemicals are contributing to the bleaching of coral reefs and are negatively affecting beneficial bacteria in the environment.

So what are we to do?  We can't go without sunscreen, but we can make our own!  Put on your lab coat and make like a scientist. and trying making your own home-made version. Try this link:   
http://www.greenecoservices.com/homemade-eco-friendly-sunscreens/.  Also, did you know certain foods, like watermelon, can protect you from the sun? See our video of the day to learn about other foods that can help.

Peace Out--Ethan